I tried Isagenix 30-Day System and here is what happened

I tried Isagenix “30 Day System” and here is what happened:

First off, I want to make it clear: I do not sell Isagenix, I am not employed by them. I am simply a normal person who tried it out and wanted to share my honest opinion. 

I decided to try Isagenix when I noticed a good friend of mine had lost weight. I messaged her and asked her questions (she is like a sister to me so I felt comfortable pretty much saying “HEY! What is your secret to this obvious weight loss?!”) I had just had a baby 2.5 months earlier and was feeling blah about my new postpartum body. Most new mommy’s are on a “newborn high” and don’t really worry about the post baby weight loss part but honestly, I had managed to put on 40 pounds during pregnancy and didn’t feel good about myself when I saw my pictures. I didn’t recognize me! The last 9-10 pounds of baby weight (for whatever reason) were not coming off even though I was really trying to get back into running, exercising, etc. I felt like I needed something extra to really get me back to a place I was content with my body again. I knew my diet is where those changes would need to be but was lost with where to start.

My friend replied that she had started using Isagenix. I didn’t know much about it and expressed interest. She asked if we could chat about it on the phone and “scheduled” a time with me to have a focused phone call. When we chatted, she asked me a bunch of questions about my goals, what I wanted to achieve for my health, what was my current lifestyle like, etc.

Basically, I was informed that it was recommended before I go into a “maintenance” mode with Isagenix products, it was highly encouraged to kick off the start of using their products with what is nicked named a “Strict 30”. The short explanation is that you purchase a bundle of grouped products that would last roughly 1 month and I would need to use these products on a regimented program that was laid out for me in a very strict/methodical way. After that month, I could then go into maintenance mode. 

The month basically looks something like:

Average day during Strict 30: 2 out of 3 meals are a shake. 1 meal is less than 600 calories. I could pick which meals were the shakes vs. actual meal.

I was provided a list of healthy foods considered to be appropriate. In-between meals I could have a low calorie snack.

Twice a month, I was told to cleanse for two days in a row (for a total of 4 cleanse days during the 30 day system). The two cleanses were scheduled far enough apart during the month to make the blow less shocking. The cleanse days were also very regimented and everything needed to “get through” a cleanse day was provided in that bundle of products I had initially purchased. This was the hardest part of the 30-day program by far. It was no walk in the park but vital to the results.

Ok guys, the ugly part: $370 was the price tag for the month. Very pricey, however, my priority was to shed the remaining baby weight that I couldn’t seem to lose. And honestly, I was in a financially good place so there wasn’t much holding me back. I was ready to do what it took and felt like I could muster up the self-control to complete the 30 days! And to my shock, my usually frugal husband agreed to do it with me (I was thrilled)!

That was partly what made my 30-day experience so successful: that my husband did it with me. We helped each other stay accountable and were basically a great support for each other during the entire 30-day experience. It would have been harder watching him eat 3 regular meals a day in front on me. I owe part of my success to that fact that he was in this as much as I was. Any time we even considered “cheating”, we would laugh and remind ourselves we had spent $370 each on this, so at minimum, we felt compelled to stick it out to get our monies worth (HA!). 

The bottom line in PRO and CON form:


1) I lost weight! I lost 9lbs and my husband shed 14 lbs (you can see our before and after photos below. The before and after photos were taken just 30 days apart). What didn’t lie was the end result was astounding in a good way. We lost 23 lbs combined and I reached my pre-baby weight and felt confident in my own skin again.

2) I had a coach along the way who would check in with me and help keep me on track.

3) Education: I was educated about why certain foods were great vs why I shouldn’t be consuming other types of foods. Example: Isagenix prefers green apples to red apples. It also taught me to pay attention to what I eat and how to gage portion control. 

4) Very regimented. This was important because it really helped keep me on track and I always new what I should be doing at all times. They tell you down to the time what to do. (Example: 8am -take a cap full of the Ionix Supreme, 9am -First 8oz shake of the day + 1 natural accelerator tablet, 10:30am -1 snack under 150 calories -you get the point)

5) All information was provided. I printed it out and left it on my counter for referencing and tracked my loss in inches.

6) High quality, tasty products. At first, I admittedly did not think the shakes were that flavorful but I was so use to consuming real sweets that it almost made me think the shakes were bland. However, as time went on, I really started enjoying the shakes, especially the strawberry flavor! 'Til this day, I still order the strawberry shake mix and my husband likes the vanilla. We also have a canister of the chocolate on hand to mix with the other flavors. 

7) Isagenix has the program down to a science

8) There is an entire Isagenix community out there. I was in a Facebook Isagenix group that had THOUSANDS of members going through exactly what I was. It was nice to see other people going through the process.

9) I blended my shake mix in the blender with a little ice and water and the end result tasted like a delicious smoothie. It became a "meal" I looked forward to and enjoyed. 

10) You can enjoy the shakes blended in a blender with ice, water and shake powder or you can simply mix the shake powder with water/ice and shake your blender bottle. I love mine blended in the actual blender, I felt like I was drinking a real smoothie but my husband preferred his in his blender bottle. It's nice that it can be consumed either way and taste just as yummy.


1) Pricey. It is not cheap for the 30-day supply but as my coach reminded me, it is an investment to my health and aside from snacks and 1 meal a day, my grocery costs were substantially down during that month.

3) Not necessarily proprietary – Consuming shakes and cleansing for a combined month straight would most likely result in weight loss, regardless of brand. But again, I felt like Isagenix had pretty high quality items compared to most. I didn't have to worry that I was consuming something harmful. 

4) My husband and I each purchased a program totaling more than $700 combined and only one of us was provided an Isagenix blender cup. I called customer service thinking they made a mistake, but no, apparently spending $700 on one month supply of product didn’t warrant two cups being sent to us. That seems like a petty “con” but I was somewhat annoyed at the time. Since my husband was such a trooper about doing the system with me, we decided he would get the cup. 

Obviously, the PROS list is much longer than my CONS list. Would I recommend this product? Yes! If you are really trying to shed some hard-to-lose weight and jump start a healthier lifestyle, then yes. I did my program almost a year ago and I have never gained that weight back and my healthy lifestyle has only improved. I continue to keep what I learned in the back on my mind. It taught me to pay attention to what I am eating and consuming on a daily basis. If you think you can demonstrate self-control for 30 days and follow along the path they map out, then the "strict 30" is a great way to jump into a new and improved you. If you don't think you can do it, you may challenge yourself and be pleasantly surprised you did it in the end. Don't underestimate yourself. I still have shakes occasionally and think they have the best flavors.

This is not meant to be a short term diet to quickly lose weight. I looked at it like the 30-day system was just the beginning stages of a healthier lifestyle that was helping me get to a better, more consistent place. The first 30 days is the hardest and most challenging. You are basically re-training your body to kick bad eating habits and detoxing your system of the mass amounts of sugar you consumed regularly prior to the program. If you go into the 30 days with a good attitude, highly motivated and mentally prepared to do it, you will most likely see great results and feel the healthiest you've felt in years. 

Before and after photo's taken 30 days apart.

I lost 9 pounds during the 30 day system.

My husband lost 14 pounds during the 30 day system.